Sunday, April 5

Assembly Bill 2712 proposes universal basic income to California residents

A California bill could provide residents with a universal basic income if passed. Assembly Bill 2712, which was proposed by California State Assemblyman Evan Low on Feb. Read more...

Photo: If passed, Assembly Bill 2712 would provide California residents over the age of 18 with a universal basic income of $1,000 a month, except as specified. The bill would be funded by a 10% tax on various goods and services in California. (Niveda Tennety/Assistant Photo editor)

Biden wins 10 states on Super Tuesday, but Sanders claims biggest prize

Sen. Bernie Sanders from Vermont won the California Democratic primary on Super Tuesday, claiming the day’s biggest prize. But former Vice President Joe Biden took home the most overall delegates. Read more...

Photo: Sen. Bernie Sanders speaks to a crowd of thousands in Downtown Los Angeles the weekend before winning the California Democratic primary. (Jintak Han/Daily Bruin senior staff)

Proposition 13 would provide the UC with $2B for construction

A proposition on the California primary ballot could grant the University of California $2 billion for construction and modernization. Proposition 13 is a school bond that would give $15 billion to public schools from the pre-K-12 level all the way up to higher education to improve education facilities, said California Assemblymember representing the 70th District Patrick O’Donnell, who co-wrote the bill. Read more...

Photo: If passed, Proposition 13 would provide $2 billion to the University of California for construction and rehabilitation on its campuses. The remaining $13 billion of the bond will be provided to public pre-K-12 schools, California community colleges and the California State University system. (Daily Bruin file photo)

UCLA graduate students stage protest over low wages, lack of affordable housing

UCLA graduate students protested against low stipends and a lack of affordable housing in front of the Charles E. Young Research Library on Monday. The protest began at noon with a rally that saw about 30 attendees. Read more...

Photo: Dylan Fitzwater, an anthropology graduate student, holds a sign advocating for a new cost-of-living adjustment in calculating the stipends of graduate students. UCLA graduate students and supporters protested in front of Charles E. Young Research Library against these stipends, which they said were unsustainably low for the areas of high rent they live in. (Justin Jung/Daily Bruin)

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