Saturday, January 18

Students share views on Prop. 19

The 1936 film "Reefer Madness," which was created to deter students from using marijuana, tells the story of young adults getting into car accidents, committing murder, suicide and rape and ultimately descending into insanity as a result of marijuana use. Becoming a cult classic for its unintentional humor, the film failed to prevent students from drug use when it was released, and it has yet to change many students' opinions on marijuana in 2010.
In fact, people aged 18 through 39 comprise the largest supporters of Proposition 19, with 59 percent planning to vote in support of it in November, according to a recent field poll. Brent Gaisford, a second-year economics student and co-president of the Roosevelt Institution at UCLA, said younger people are generally more open to the idea of the proposition. The Roosevelt Institution, a public policy think tank, will co-host an on-campus debate on the proposition with Bruin Democrats and Bruin Republicans on Tuesday. Read more...

Legalizing pot may cause rise in crime

Increased marijuana usage rates triggered by Proposition 19 will also spark more marijuana-related crimes, especially on roadways, according to police officers and prosecutors around the state. "It's not going to free up a lot of our resources," said Ethan Shear, a campus police detective who primarily investigates illicit marijuana sales. Read more...

Self-proclaimed apostle overcomes demons

Street musicians add life to Westwood

June 6, 2010 – Billy Cole and Apostle Smith are two of a handful of crooners who play to mostly uninterested passerby. Today is a slow day. But this doesn't seem to matter to Cole. He tries to act like no one's watching. That way, it's just the music and him.

Christina Hughes and Wan Wong report.

"Street musicians add life to Westwood"

Cottrell Smith found religion while selling and taking heroin in South Central Los Angeles more than 30 years ago. Read more...

Photo: Cottrell Smith gave up his job to preach a message to the people of Westwood. To hear what this local homeless man has to say through words and music, go to

Strawberry Flag forever

Every morning Bobby Shelton walks outside and checks on each one of his fruits and vegetables: strawberries, cabbage and tomatoes "“ but that's just the start. Read more...

Photo: Veteran Bobby Shelton examines the strawberry plants in the pipes. The strawberries grow without soil and are watered through a solar power system.

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