Saturday, May 30

Scattertones’ bond to be essential to performance, despite being scattered apart

Scattertones is bringing a new performance style to the table for this year’s Spring Sing. While the group usually performs pop songs with a featured soloist, this time its members opted for a collective ensemble-oriented piece, with the 17-member group performing Billie Eilish’s “when the party’s over.” Scattertones President Aram Krakirian, a fourth-year business economics student, said the group’s choice to switch up its signature style was based on a desire to experiment with the drastic emotional changes that unfold throughout the song. Read more...

Photo: (Andrea Grigsby/Illustrations director)

Duo Jet and Xander finds inspiration in nature, aims to sprout hope in listeners

Jet Talandis and Xander Ambrose want their listeners to locate their happy places. At this year’s Spring Sing, Talandis and Ambrose will perform their original composition “The River.” The pop ballad uses lyrics inspired by their life experiences – like experiences with social anxiety or finding hope at the end of a rough day – as they spin a narrative around a trip to the river that helps someone start the day over, Talandis said. Read more...

Photo: (Andrea Grigsby/Illustrations director)

Bruin Harmony member returns solo to Spring Sing, ready to go virtual

Returning performer Daniel Kohanbash rides solo to the Spring Sing stage. After winning Spring Sing’s top prize last year with the a cappella group Bruin Harmony, the second-year musical theater student will return to the stage as a solo act to perform his original song, “Funky Middle.” Kohanbash said his love for singing began when he was 6 years old when he would play Frank Sinatra songs on his keyboard. Read more...

Photo: (Andrea Grigsby/Illustrations director)