Wednesday, May 27

Podcast ‘Elderllama’ breaks down the universe with casual conversation

Science, philosophy and the intricacies of the universe are casual conversation topics in the podcast “Elderllama.” The show was created by second-year cognitive science student Erick Amezcua, who started uploading episodes in late 2019. Read more...

Photo: Erick Amezcua’s podcast “Elderllama” covers everything from science to philosophy. He makes complex scientific topics conversational with the guests on his showing order to try to make learning fun. (Courtesy of Erick Amezcua)

Club composes harmonious community through shared interest in musical meditation

This post was updated Jan. 7 at 2:37 p.m. Students use music meditation to break the silence between one another and build connections. The UCLA Music Meditation Club utilizes musical instruments and mantras to heighten students’ meditation experience. Read more...

Photo: The UCLA Music Meditation Club utilizes musical instruments and mantras to heighten students’ meditation experience. While it highlights music, the club also features other activities such as yoga and guest lectures to help build a community. (Courtesy of Christian Diaz)

Alum highlights disappearing line between fashion and fine art in art exhibition

The distinction between fashion and fine art is blurred within the “SEQUENCE 1” artwork collection. Alumnus Michael Ho, the artist behind the collection, said there is a recent global art world trend of interweaving the fashion and fine art fields. Read more...

Photo: Model Chikako Fukuyama posed for alumnus Michael Ho’s artwork collection “SEQUENCE 1,” which features mock clothing that imitates a fashion brand. Ho said that in the project, he aimed to blur the line between fashion and fine art, which is a recent trend in the art world at large. (Courtesy of Nani Welch Keli`iho`omalu)

Vintage clothing convention coming to LA promises nostalgia

The Los Angeles fashion scene is about to take a trip back in time. On Sunday, the vintage clothing event ThriftCon will bring over a hundred vendors to the city to sell used items from decades ago. Read more...

Photo: Mario Conte, co-founder of ThriftCon, said the event will bring over a hundred vendors to sell their used items in a glorified flea market. Alden Kramer, a second-year economics student and owner of the fashion line CAMPBELL&KRAMER, said she found thrifting to be a popular pastime among UCLA students. (Courtesy of Blake Jackson)

First-year student gains YouTube following after posting college-related content

Gina Min said she wants to remember life’s beautiful moments – in the process, she’s gained 12,700 subscribers. The first-year biochemistry student started her YouTube channel three years ago as a way to record her life. Read more...

Photo: First-year biochemistry student Gina Min received a Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II as a Christmas gift one year, which inspired her to document her daily life in YouTube videos. Her channel rose in popularity after she released a video documenting her college decisions, and Min said viewers generally tend to enjoy college-centric videos. (Lauren Man/Daily Bruin)

Student sells thrifted streetwear through Instagram store

Felipe Valdovinos III began thrifting well before Macklemore. The second-year mathematics/economics student first discovered thrifting as a middle schooler by exploring the shops in his hometown of Ontario, California. Read more...

Photo: Second-year mathematics and economics student Felipe Valdovinos III co-runs his Instagram-based clothing shop Vintage Inspired with his cousin. Valdovinos posts photos of items he thrifts – ranging from popular brands like Nike Inc. to “hypebeast” brands like Supreme – and customers can direct message him to purchase the clothes. (Alex Driscoll/Daily Bruin)

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