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Dance Marathon 2020 moves online with a focus on themes of unity and awareness

This post was updated April 19 at 9:22 p.m. Dance Marathon has traditionally lasted 26 hours – this year, it will be four. The annual event, usually held in Pauley Pavilion, will transition to a virtual platform in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Read more...

Photo: Dance Marathon will take place fully online and only last four hours instead of its normal 26-hour span. Through a combination of live and prerecorded content, this year’s event hopes to continue to spread awareness of HIV/AIDs in relation to COVID-19, said UCLA Pediatric AIDS Coalition president and fourth-year neuroscience and Spanish student Sophie Ahmad. (Courtesy of Appurva Goel)

English Fiat Lux classes center around understanding, studying COVID-19’s impacts

Finally, English courses where students can study viral memes and TikTokdance challenges. The UCLA English department is currently offering three Fiat Lux courses centered around COVID-19. Read more...

Photo: UCLA’s English Department has created three new Fiat Lux classes for spring quarter, each focusing on a different facet of the pandemic’s effects. One class explores social media and advertising, while another takes a more literary approach with Albert Camus’ “The Plague.” (Daily Bruin file photo)

Alumna talks meaning of success in lighthearted rom-com, sci-fi first novel

Suzanne Park said her Korean American parents expected her to one day become a doctor – instead, she became a writer. During her second year at Columbia University, the alumna found herself in an elevator with a cadaver during an internship and reconsidered her career trajectory. Read more...

Photo: Alumna Suzanne Park was originally pursuing a medical career. But after finding her comedic voice while touring her stand-up comedy, she decided to channel it into writing. (Courtesy of Joanna Degeneres)

Scattered Bruins: International students from China explore new art forms while in isolation

COVID-19 has caused a global pandemic, discouraging people from engaging in mass gatherings or physical contact. Schools across the globe have shut their doors, fragmenting communities into singular pieces here, there and everywhere. Read more...

Photo: Third-year Spanish, community and culture student Xinyi Hu, who has returned to her home to China, faces challenges many international students share, including time zone differences and barriers to online learning. She said it also poses difficulties for maintaining relationships with friends. (Courtesy of Lydia Oh)

Illustrations provide medium for graduating students to commemorate college

Graduating students are tucking away their sashes and white photoshoot attire to go digital as they celebrate their academic achievements. With the transition to online instruction in response to COVID-19, many graduation photoshoots have been canceled, leading alumna Murry Soriano to take commissions for illustrations of the soon-to-be graduates on the UCLA Free & For Sale page on Facebook. Read more...

Photo: Graduating students often schedule photoshoots to celebrate their academic achievements. But with current stay-at-home orders in place, many are turning to digital portraits as an alternative. (Ashley Kenney/Daily Bruin)

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