Sunday, February 23

Artscapes: A thrifty venture to Annenberg Space for Photography sparks imagination from photographic innovation

Tucked between the enormous skyscrapers of Century City, the Annenberg Space for Photography seems an unlikely home for an arts venue "“ one only accessible after walking through a parking structure. Read more...


The Annenberg Space for Photography, which opened in 2009, is the first arts center in Los Angeles devoted strictly to the exhibition of photography and digital arts.

Remote Life: Going to the movies a better date choice than watching TV

What better day for me to write about television than Valentine's Day. I love TV, and Valentine's Day is all about love, right? But the more I thought about the mechanics of Valentine's Day and dating in general, the two seemed less and less compatible. Read more...



Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams star in the romance film, “The Vow.” Films, more than television shows, seem to be be a better date activity.

Soundbite: Mike Acerbo

Mike Acerbo wants to live in a fairy tale. As he sings of golden castles, blueberry moons and colorful lights in a lofty croon, the New York City singer and songwriter creates a mystical atmosphere that one would expect to be playing while a storybook heroine stumbles through fog toward her Prince Charming. Read more...



Joy Sticks: _The story still matters in a video game_

Video games have the ability to suck players in and immerse them in a way that no other medium has. In fact, video games have to work harder not to immerse players rather then vice versa. Why is it, then, that so many games manage to fail to immerse players? Read more...


The most successful video games have not had the best plots. The best way to change this is to incorporate the writer earlier on in the development process.

Credit: Wikimedia Commons

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