Tuesday, May 26

Against the Grain: Bands bring new life to American folk

Folk music has traditionally been the commoner’s music, with the individual having full control over its composition. Whether fusing rock ‘n’ roll with American folk like The Byrds or blending soulful orchestrations into folk like Bon Iver, the ability of innovative artists to meld musical influences into American folk music is tremendous. Read more...

Photo: Just as The Byrds revolutionized folk music by blending it with rock ‘n’ roll, Bon Iver has shaken up the genre by introducing intricate orchestrations to give it a melancholic sound.

Against the grain: Macklemore, Red Hot Chili Peppers advocate against drugs

Under a bridge in downtown Los Angeles, Anthony Kiedis battled powerful, personal demons in search for heroin, and at rock bottom, Macklemore found a similar addiction to OxyContin and cough syrup. Read more...

Photo: Macklemore’s lyrics about drug abuse are comparable to the Red Hot Chili Peppers and their songs, including “Otherside” and “Under the Bridge.” Through songs such as “Neon Cathedral,” Macklemore has gone against the norm in rap music.

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