Monday, May 25

Veg Heads: Study snacks

Finals week is fast approaching and most likely, the last thing you want to worry about is what to eat. So this week, columnists Shreya Aiyar and Regina Napolitano offer some tips for fast, tasty and sometimes even healthy vegan and vegetarian snacks to tide you over while you cram for your tests, write your papers and feverishly finish your group projects. Read more...

Photo: This week, the Veg Heads explore both healthy and more indulgent snacks to prepare for Finals Week, including unbuttered, unsalted popcorn, peanut butter and apple slices, as well as microwaveable mug cakes.

The Veg Heads: Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving is a wonderful reason to get together and count blessings. However, when many of the dishes, including the famous turkey, are traditionally meat-derived, it can become a little tricky to enjoy the holiday when it seems like there’s little to nothing for vegetarians and vegans to enjoy. Read more...

Photo: With the Thanksgiving holiday approaching, the Veg Heads discuss vegan and vegetarian alternatives for a traditional Turkey Day meal. Meatless options, including sauteed spinach and mashed potatoes (left) provide a healthy alternative to turkey and stuffing. Vegetarian staples like apple pie (right) can also easily be tweaked to be vegan-friendly by replacing milk with soy or almond substitutes and butter with olive oil or vegan margarine.

The Veg Heads: Vegan Desserts

Ice cream, pies and cakes. While it may seem like these delicious desserts are unavailable to those who do not eat animal products, vegan desserts are not that hard to come by. Read more...

Photo: L.A. Vegan Crepe, a restaurant that serves all vegan food, offers a great variety for vegans with a sweet tooth.

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