Monday, May 25

Daily Bruin Opinion columnist Alexandra Tashman breaks down Los Angeles mayoral race

Mayoral Elections "Mayoral Elections"

Last Monday, five Los Angeles mayoral candidates came to Royce Hall to debate the issues of securing pensions for city employees and revitalizing local transportation. Daily Bruin opinion columnist Alexandra Tashman talks to Long Story Short host Taylor Erickson today about the strengths and weaknesses of the two main candidates, Wendy Greuel and Eric Garsetti. Read more...

Long Story Short – February 4, 2013

Long Story Short "Long Story Short"

This week, Daily Bruin Opinion columnist Alexandra Tashman joins the hosts to discuss the Los Angeles mayoral debates that happened in Royce Hall last Monday. Also, Staff Meteorologist James Murakami gives a tour of the weather forecasting instruments used to predict weather on campus. Read more...

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