Wednesday, January 29

LA Taiwan Academy to screen LGBTQ projects created by UCLA grad students

Taiwan elected its first female president in 2016 and, just a year later, the Taiwanese constitutional court ruled in favor of same-sex marriage. The events marked some of Asia’s first steps toward a more socially progressive society and inspired graduate production design student Hogan Lee to showcase LGBTQ-themed films made by female Asian filmmakers, he said. Read more...

Photo: Graduate students Jessica Fuh, Hogan Lee and Amber Ha helped organize an event that entails film screenings and a roundtable discussion focused on LGBTQ themes. The event was inspired by Taiwan’s recent ruling in favor of same-sex marriage. (Stella Huang/Daily Bruin)

Graduate student presents nature, drama in new prison escape film

A real-world prison escape inspired writer and director Daniel Lafrentz’s film “Noble Creatures.” Lafrentz, a graduate student in film, based his film off an article he read in 2015 about two prisoners who escaped a maximum security prison in New York. Read more...

Photo: Alumnus Daniel Lafrentz based his film “Noble Creatures” off of a real life prison escape in New York. However, Lafrentz set his film in Louisiana in order to create tension using its natural landscape in places such as Lafayette and Maurice, and also featured Louisiana-native actors. (Daniel Leibowitz/Daily Bruin)

Students’ inaugural music festival bears fruit in Shanghai

This post was updated Aug. 23 at 9:50 a.m. The Watermelone Music Festival was born in Bruin Plate. It was there that second-year statistics student Sheila Wang and second-year undeclared student David Jiaye Pan first discussed the idea of putting together their own music festival and later held planning meetings in the same UCLA dining hall, as well as in a Sproul Hall music room. Read more...

Photo: The student-run Watermelone Music Festival, was held in Shanghai on Aug. 13. The event marked Sheila Wang and David Jiaye Pan’s first experience planning a music festival, but they found a venue they could access for free and reached out to artists through friends. (Chengcheng Zhang/Daily Bruin)

Theater Review: ‘Hamilton: An American Musical’

Angelenos don’t have to “wait for it” any longer – “Hamilton: An American Musical” has arrived at the Hollywood Pantages Theatre, and it is breathtaking. From its intricately crafted lyrics and melodies to its nuanced performances and spellbinding choreography, “Hamilton” serves up a captivating experience only made more poignant given the country’s current political climate. Read more...

Photo: (Courtesy of Joan Marcus)

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