Monday, May 25

Professor ‘Polly’ Nooter Roberts, activist and inspiration, dies at 58

Students and family remember Mary “Polly” Nooter Roberts as a passionate teacher whose commitment to her field inspired them to follow their own interests with the same drive. Read more...

Photo: Mary ‘Polly’ Roberts was a professor of world arts and cultures at UCLA. She is remembered for her ability to foster community and inclusiveness. (Courtesy of Christopher O’Leary)

Colleagues recognize head of UCLA Army ROTC as she leaves for Pentagon position

One of the highlights of Lt. Col. Shannon Stambersky’s career was when she saw cadets step outside of their comfort zones and embrace their host country’s culture during a three-week summer training program in Indonesia. Read more...

Photo: Lt. Col. Shannon Stambersky will be leaving the UCLA Army ROTC program to work at the Pentagon. (Michael Zshornack/Daily Bruin senior staff)

UCLA student’s nonprofit provides prosthetics for people affected by Syrian war

Haya Kaliounji and her family were forced to flee their hometown in 2012 after a civil war broke out in Syria. After staying in Lebanon for six months, her family moved to the United States on her mother’s work visa in search of a new life in Los Angeles. Read more...

Photo: Haya Kaliounji, a third-year physiological sciences student, created the nonprofit Rise Again to support people living in Syria. Her project helps create prosthetic limbs to help her old community in Aleppo. (Eda Gokcebay/Daily Bruin)

Union workers plan strike after failing to come to an agreement with the UC

The University of California’s largest union announced Thursday it will hold a three-day strike in two weeks in response to a failure to reach a contract agreement with the University. Read more...

Photo: The American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees 3299 has protested against the UC while negotiating for its multiyear contract. The union announced Thursday it is holding a strike in from May 7 to May 9. (Daniel Miller/Daily Bruin)

UC’s largest employee union announces strike after negotiation disputes

The University of California’s largest employee union announced a systemwide strike Thursday. Workers throughout the UC represented by the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees Local 3299 voted Wednesday to go on strike. Read more...

Photo: Workers represented by AFSCME Local 3299, the UC’s largest union, voted to go on strike. The decision was based on a of report on the UC’s employment data that found the UC had widened the pay gap between executive and service workers, said John de los Angeles, the communications director for AFSCME Local 3299. (Jenna Nicole Smith/Daily Bruin)

UCLA alumna named TED Fellow for photojournalism, filmmaking

Isadora Kosofsky was photographing a woman in a motel parking lot in New Mexico when she heard a gunshot. Kosofsky was afraid, but the woman she was documenting was used to witnessing displays of violence. Read more...

Photo: Isadora Kosofsky, who graduated from UCLA in 2017, is a photojournalist who covers individuals in prison, senior citizens and developmentally disabled individuals. (Courtesy of Ryan Lash)

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