Friday, May 29

Fire in the Kitchen: Mixing up the column

I didn’t write my normal “Fire in the Kitchen” column this week, partly because I ran out of the recipes you have all been sending in, and partly because I wanted to talk about some food trends instead.

Instead, Alex Goodman, the Film | TV editor, and I voiced our opinions about all of the new baking shows such as “Cake Boss,” “Amazing Cakes” and the “Next Great Baker,” as well as “Worst Cooks in America.” Read about the cooking show trend here.

I wanted to identify with “Worst Cooks” "“ after all, I write a food column every week about my botched cooking attempts as well.



Chef Buddy Valastro decorates the paintball cake on the third season of “Cake Boss.”

Battle of the Columnists: Cooking shows

With multitudes of new cake-baking shows as well as the Cooking Channel popping up on TV, the Food Network has lost its monopoly on culinary television. Read more...


Megan Rountree works on the Monopoly cake cubes in “Cake Boss: Next Great Baker.” The TLC show is among the increasing trend in shows based on baking competitions. (Credit: TLC)

Soundbite: 'My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy'

Def Jam Records

"My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy" is Kanye at his best "“ conceited, imaginative, weird, self-indulgent and infectious.

It's like the electronic, auto-tuned failure of "808s & Heartbreak" never happened. West is back in full force, producing what is likely to be his most impactful album yet.

To start off, the sampling is superb. "Hell of a Life" samples Black Sabbath's "Iron Man," "Devil in a New Dress" samples Smokey Robinson's "Will You Still Love me Tomorrow." There are few artists who take as many risks as Yeezy, and with this record it more than paid off.

The album features everyone from Rihanna and Rick Ross ("All of the Lights") to John Legend ("Blame Game"). Kid Cudi, Raekwon, Pusha T and Bon Iver all make an appearance. Yeezy clearly took the time to think this one through and find the best in the music world to complete his fantasy.


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