Tuesday, February 18

Review: The Study at Hedrick provides a variety of culinary extravagance

Students will be shocked by the bourgeois selection of foods at The Study at Hedrick if they thought dining halls couldn’t top the flamboyance of Bruin Plate with its ambient jazz music and organic tempeh and quinoa bowls. Read more...

Photo: The Study at Hedrick offers crepes, tartines, salads, desserts and sandwiches for eating in its many study rooms. (Alyssa Dorn/Daily Bruin staff)

Kerckhoff Art Gallery’s upcoming exhibit brings inkblot test into 3-D

Hypnotic shapes and neon outlines will move their way through a three-dimensional space against a stark white backdrop. The images are reminiscent of the inky splotches of a Rorschach test – a psychology assessment commonly known as the inkblot test – which evoke different images personal to the individual examining them. Read more...

Photo: Anna Mader and Ann Slote (left to right) helped organize an exhibit in the Kerckhoff Art Gallery that was inspired by a psychology assessment known as the inkblot test. The exhibition is meant to help viewers think about their self-identities. (Kristie Hoang/Daily Bruin)

Finnish voice actress, student Paula Vesala debuts original play

Paula Vesala is the Sigourney Weaver of Finland. In the film “Finding Dory,” Weaver’s voice plays out over the aquarium speakers in a celebrity cameo, humorous because her name is recognizable to American audiences. Read more...

Photo: Graduate student Paula Vesala rose to fame in Finland as a singer and voiceover actress of American films. Now she is focusing on expressing her creativity through playwriting at UCLA. (Courtesy of Viivi Huuska)

Alum’s new restaurant Little Fatty shifts from culinary Status Kuo

David Kuo’s route to working in Michelin Star kitchens began with cooking in his fraternity house kitchen for Thanksgiving Iron Chef competitions. Kuo graduated from UCLA in 2001, but decided to leave his office job working in property management. Read more...

Photo: David Kuo opened restaurant Status Kuo in 2014 after attending culinary school at Le Cordon Bleu and working in Michelin Star kitchens like Jean-Georges. On Thursday, he reopened it as Little Fatty, a Taiwanese-style restaurant. (Rohan Kumar/Daily Bruin)

Documentary short film screening highlights Native American stories

Most of the time of the time that Sky Hopinka is on a road trip, he says he has a camera with him. He used his latest footage of beautiful landscapes to help him create his most recent documentary short, “Jáaji Approx.” The UCLA American Indian Studies Center, in collaboration with the Sundance Institute, is presenting “Native Documentary Short Films,” at the Autry Museum in Griffith Park on Saturday, where Hopinka, along with other Native American filmmakers, will screen their works. Read more...

Photo: Shannon Speed, UCLA American Indian Studies Center director, helped organize “Native Documentary Short Films,” which features documentaries showcasing native narratives.(Jennifer Hu/Daily Bruin staff)

Fashion Friday Fall Week 7

Autumn in Los Angeles is wrapping up. The temperatures still reach mid-day summer highs, but colder nights call for jackets and long sleeves. UCLA students show off their fall style and personal accessories, from colorful hairstyles to individualized shoe choices. Read more...

Photo: (Daniel Leibowitz/Daily Bruin)

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