Saturday, January 25

Grad student hopes to break misconceptions of Iran with travel memoir

Shawndeez Jadalizadeh embarked on a four-month solo journey through her home country, which she had never visted before, in the spring of 2015. “I was slightly terrified, but I put aside my fears and fantasies to enjoy the present, to enjoy Iran,” wrote Shawndeez, a graduate student in gender studies, in a memoir about her travels. Read more...

Photo: Shawndeez Jadalizadeh, a UCLA graduate student in gender studies, wrote a memoir about her travels through her hometown, called “My Iran: an Iranian-American experience back home.” (Jintak Han/Assistant Photo editor)

UCLA students start Tender Lovin’ Package to deliver food and songs

Chris Flood was bewildered when a student showed up at his doorstep, delivered a care package full of snacks to him and began singing the national anthem. Read more...

Photo: Third-year philosophy student Emily Rajcic, second-year biology student Jackie Lin, third-year bioengineering student Fiona Tang and first-year mechanical engineering student Sam Gessow created a care package delivery service for UCLA students. (Haoyang Yan/Daily Bruin)

UC students and professors participate in summer excavation in Greece

Marianne Simpson spent the summer after her first year of college digging hundreds of relics and bones out of the ruins of an ancient Greek city. Read more...

Photo: Jamie Aprile, UCLA doctoral alumnus and field school director for Methone, and fourth-year UCLA Theatre and Ancient Greek student Christopher Sanders work together on a sift, separating out dirt and picking out special finds to be bagged. Wheel barrels of dirt are taken from trenches over to a series of sifts where smaller, but equally important material is found and bagged for study. (Owen Emerson/Daily Bruin senior staff)

LGBT center to kick off National Coming Out Week with resource fair

The LGBT Campus Resource Center will hold its sixth annual resource fair Friday in anticipation of National Coming Out Week, which begins Monday. The fair’s purpose is for campus and community LGBT organizations to offer resources and information to students, said Kevin Medina, the program coordinator for the LGBT Resource Center. Read more...

Photo: The LGBT Resource Center is planning events for National Coming Out Week, which begins on Monday, October 10. (April Hoang/Daily Bruin senior staff)

De Neve Grab ‘N Go wraps up old menu to offer custom sandwiches

A new sandwich bar that allows students to custom-order sandwiches opened last Thursday in the De Neve Grab ‘N Go location. Similar to a Subway station, students visiting the sandwich bar tell the worker behind the counter what they would like on their sandwich, and generally leave the Grab ‘N Go location with their sandwich within two and a half minutes, said Alex Macias, an assistant director for UCLA Dining Services. Read more...

Photo: A Subway-style sandwich bar opened last Thursday in De Neve Commons, in the Grab ‘N Go area. (Daily Bruin file photo)

UCLA initiates program to support first-generation college students

UCLA’s first-ever program for first-generation college students held its Welcome Soiree on Tuesday night in Covel Commons. First To Go, which was created in June, will focus on providing resources, networking opportunities and programming specifically for the first-generation students at UCLA, said Symone Morales, First To Go’s program coordinator. Read more...

Photo: First generation college students attended First To Go, the first UCLA program of its kind, at Covel Commons Tuesday night. It was created in June and will focus on providing resources, networking opportunities and programming. (Owen Emerson/Daily Bruin senior staff)

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