Friday, February 28

Students start Bruin Shelter for Westwood homeless population

Louis Tse didn’t always live out of his car. Nine months ago, he forfeited his Westwood apartment to fund a shelter for those who are not homeless by choice. Read more...

Photo: Louis Tse (left) and Luke Shaw (right), both doctorates in mechanical engineering, are working to create a student-run shelter at a church near campus by next fall. (Tehya Faulk/Daily Bruin)

Extreme Greeks offers discounts for transportation services

An event-planning company for sororities and fraternities will offer a 20 percent discount on transportation services to off-campus events. Extreme Greeks, an event management company that provides transportation and other services to Greek organizations at UCLA, purchased 38 new buses last month. Read more...

Photo: Extreme Greeks will offer a discount to fraternities and sororities for transportation services. (Daily Bruin file photo)

Weekend familiarizes parents with UCLA campus, student life

Sherry Haley said she was proud to see her daughter involved in several campus activities when she visited the UCLA campus for Parents’ Weekend on Friday. Read more...

Photo: Mairead Ahlbach (middle), a first-year political science student, joins her parents for UCLA Parents’ Weekend, which took place from Friday to Sunday. (Mackenzie Possee/Daily Bruin)

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