Monday, February 17

Photo: Unexpected alpacas outside Haines Hall

About 15 students swarmed around two alpacas next to Haines Hall on Wednesday night. Erik Schweitzer, associate research neuroscientist at the UCLA Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior, brought his two pet alpacas, Sage and Rosemary, to his three-hour long class to cheer students up. Read more...

Photo: Sage and Rosemary are associate research scientist Erik Schweitzer’s two pet alpacas. He brought them to campus Wednesday night. (Sihui Song/Daily Bruin)

UCLA professor dies, remembered for contributions to anatomy teaching

Carmine Clemente was one of the first UCLA professors in the ’70s to be more than a lecturer. He would prioritize interacting and engaging with students at a time when most professors simply stood in front of their classes to teach. Read more...

Photo: Carmine Clemente, a distinguished professor emeritus of neurobiology, died on Nov. 11 at the age of 88. He taught anatomy at UCLA for the past 52 years. (Courtesy of Jonathan Hiatt)

Professors cancel, postpone midterms in wake of election

Some professors made changes to their classes and assignment deadlines Wednesday due to the election results. Many students said they were disheartened by the election results. Read more...

Photo: UCLA professors cancelled classes and postponed midterms and essay deadlines Wednesday to help students to recover from election results. (Miriam Bribiesca/Photo editor)

Undercommons holds anti-Trump event Wednesday after election results

Students wrote emotional messages on the ground with chalk at a “Fuck Trump” event held Wednesday. About 50 students attended the event organized by the student group Undercommons at Janss Steps from 10 a.m. Read more...

Photo: UCLA students shared their thoughts on election results by writing messages on the ground with chalk Wednesday. (Kuhelika Ghosh/Daily Bruin senior staff)

Photo: Bruins for Healthcare gets pied in the face for a good cause

Students de-stressed by throwing pies on other students’ faces Wednesday. Bruins for Healthcare held an event from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. at Dickson Court where students that were stressed from midterms or needed to release frustration got to pie the organization’s board members in the face. Read more...

Photo: Board members of Bruins for Healthcare were pied on the face by students who felt stressed out due to midterms, as part of the student organization’s fundraising initiative. (Stella Huang/Daily Bruin)

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