Saturday, April 4

Keshav Tadimeti: Kevin de León’s endorsement reflects disparity in state demographic, lawmakers

California Democrats’ political dance routine consists of just one move: shuffle to the left. That’s the narrative we’ve all been made to believe. And it’s accurate for the most part. Read more...

Photo: State Senator Kevin de León’s endorsement for U.S. Senate isn’t a sign of hyperliberalism. It’s a sign of his relevance and rapport with younger voters. (Courtesy of Quinn Dombrowski)

No Offense, But: Administrators and Veggie Grill

Join Opinion editor Keshav Tadimeti, assistant Opinion editor Abhishek Shetty, News editor Rupan Bharanidaran and senior staffer Liberty Feliciano as they discuss how administrators have been getting involved in the student government elections, and how Veggie Grill has taken the Daily Bruin by storm. Read more...

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