Tuesday, May 26

Graduate student’s short film ‘Clara’ explores intimacy and infertility in marriage

Intimacy remains a pillar of marriage dynamics in graduate student Khiam’e Fields’ “Clara.” Written and directed by Fields, “Clara” focuses on intimacy’s place in a relationship, highlighting the ensuing turmoil when a 19th century African American couple deals with infertility. Read more...

Photo: Graduate student Khiam’e Fields’ film “Clara” explores the intersection between intimacy and infertility in traditional marriage dynamics. Maureen Germain and Niki J Crawford star as Mary and Shaman, respectively, who grapple with the infertility that drives a wedge between Mary and her husband. (Keaton Larson/Daily Bruin)

Choirs’ holiday concert highlights inclusivity with multicultural music selection

Medieval Latin hymns may not exude Christmas cheer for some, but UCLA’s director of choral studies, James Bass, still feels the holiday spirit. Bass will lead both the Chamber Singers and the Chorale choirs for a holiday concert in St. Read more...

Photo: The Chamber Singers and the Chorale choirs will perform holiday songs from multiple cultures, countries and faiths to provide diverse cultural selections. In doing so, the concert reflects the melting pot of Los Angeles, said UCLA director of choral studies James Bass. (Courtesy of Brian Runt)

Cast finds parallels between Nazi Germany-satirizing play and modern politics

Playwright Bertolt Brecht mimicked the tactics of early Nazis in his gangster play, but UCLA cast members grounded their characters in modern-day parallels. “The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui” was written in 1941 in Germany as an allegory for Hitler’s rise to power and follows gangster Arturo Ui’s treacherous ascent to becoming head of a Chicago cauliflower mob. Read more...

Photo: Robert Arriaga (pictured), a third-year theater student, stars in “The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui” alongside third-year theater student Michael Bauer. (Courtesy of Michael Lamont)

Married lecturer duo hopes to instill a sustainable mindset in students

This post was updated Nov. 4 at 10:30 p.m. Through both their curriculum and married lifestyle, Tamar Christensen and Randy Fallows urge others to be more environmentally sustainable. Read more...

Photo: Tamar Christensen (left) and Randy Fallows (right), both UCLA Writing Programs lecturers, urge others, particularly UCLA students, to be more environmentally sustainable in their daily lives. The two even spotlight many environmental documentaries and readings in their syllabi to encourage students to be more environmentally conscious. (Niveda Tennety/Assistant Photo editor)

Immersive theater experience invites audience to partake in ghost support group

Shinbone Theatre Company would prefer LA residents immerse themselves in comedic theater instead of candy bags this Halloween season. When alumni Jonny Perl and Leland Frankel founded Shinbone in 2016, they envisioned the company as a platform to heighten audience experience through immersive, comedic storytelling. Read more...

Photo: Brady Richards, Dana Benedict and Zippy Cardozo star in “Afterlife Anonymous,” which is running through Nov. 1. The show incorporates audience and cast participation as it follows a support group for ghosts trapped in purgatory by their addictions.(Courtesy of Jor-el Vaasborg)

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