Tuesday, January 28

The Quad: The impact of influencer culture on marketing, social media and UCLA’s campus

Back in 2012, the cosmetics brand CoverGirl selected the popular Colombian-American actress Sofia Vergara as its new ambassador. Four years later, teenage YouTube makeup guru James Charles became the brand’s first CoverBoy. Read more...

Photo: Social media influencer and fourth-year biochemistry student Vivian Yu uses her Instagram to share her daily life as a pre-med student at UCLA.(Kanishka Mehra/Daily Bruin)

The Quad: Students cultivate re-commerce industry to counter fast fashion’s ecological harm

The word “pollution” tends to evoke images of devastating oil spills in vast oceans or black fumes spilling from big, industrial factories. Interestingly, the tremendous environmental implications behind the trendy clothes that hang in our own closets seem to constantly slip our minds. Read more...

Photo: The Unravel club at UCLA hopes to educate students about the negative environmental effects of “fast fashion,” emphasizing thrifting as a means to reduce pollution and textile waste. Here, the Daily Bruin’s Karen Im explores the environmental consequences of “fast fashion” production practices. (Jenna Nicole Smith/Daily Bruin)

The Quad: Upperclassmen share advice to ease first-year stresses and growing pains

My first steps on campus as a student consisted of a series of changes, such as the unusually hot sunshine in late September that was quite different from my cool hometown in New York. Read more...

Photo: Going into college can be a scary time. The Quad’s Karen Im asked students with some college experience under their belt for their best pieces of advice for incoming students on topics ranging from time management and moving in to the dorms. (Photo by Amy Dixon/Photo editor, Photo illustration by Claire Sun/Daily Bruin)