Friday, January 24

Fashion and Students Trends to celebrate style in 11th annual benefit show

Student models strut down the length of Kerckhoff Hall's state rooms in unison despite their towering high heels. They step to the beat of blaring dance music and focus on creating a signature walk and pose for the end of their makeshift runway. Read more...


In this photo from last year’s Fashion and Student Trends events, fourth-year art student and former Daily Bruin photographer Taylor Martin wears a dress that was designed and made by alumna Jennifer Davis.

UCLA student David Villafaña to harken sounds of Mexico in Fowler Out Loud concert

Thirteen years ago, 11-year-old David Villafaña sat down with a book of Mexican songs and a nylon-string guitar. He strummed the guitar strings, attempting to play the chords printed in the book and match them to the lyrics he already knew. He eventually taught himself to play the guitar, but this was only the beginning of his musical career. Read more...


Fourth-year ethnomusicology student David Villafaña will perform as a part of the Fowler Out Loud concert series tonight.

Q&A: Singer Kelsea Little discusses songwriting process, upcoming L.A. concert

Indie-folk pop artist Kelsea Little has been playing the harp since she was eight years old and experiments with piano, flute and guitar. Little will be performing at The Smell this Friday as part of her Pacific Coast Highway tour. Little spoke with Daily Bruin's Jessica McQueen about her first solo tour, inspiration for her music and her dreams of playing at Coachella. Read more...

27th Annual Pow Wow educates through dance

Dancers draped in large, colorful shawls outstretch their arms as they dance to the beat of a drum. Read more...


The 27th Annual Pow Wow, hosted by the American Indian Student Association, will be held on Saturday, April 21, at the North Athletic Field. The pow wow will feature traditional American Indian food, song, performances and dance competitions.

Thai Smakom to host 14th annual culture night event

A beautiful half-bird, half-woman creature flies down to Earth to partake in a ritual that signifies her entrance into womanhood. A fame-seeking hunter, Chai, sets out to capture this mythical creature, only to find that he cannot after he falls in love with her. Read more...


UCLA’s Thai Smakom members rehearse a dance routine that they will perform at their 14th annual Thai Culture Night on Saturday in Schoenberg Hall.