Wednesday, February 26

UCLA Unseen: Ceramics Lab

The ceramics lab, located on the first floor of the Broad Art Center, is a creative space for all students to use clay as their artistic medium. Read more...

Photo: (Iris Lee/Daily Bruin)

UCLA alumnus mixes technology and spectacle

UCLA alumnus Brent Bushnell co-founded Two Bit Circus, a tech company that creates interactive technology entertainment. The company seeks to inspire and use technology in a positive way that brings people closer together. Read more...

Photo: (Rachel Scott/Daily Bruin)

Students raise newborn piglet

  Meet Jellybean, a six-week-old baby piglet. Two UCLA students have raised Jellybean since October and bring her out to campus for other students to see and pet. Read more...

Photo: (Justine Sto Tomas/Daily Bruin)

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