Monday, May 25

Students use 3-D printing to bring music to underprivileged children

Updated Feb. 12 at 7:43 p.m. A group of UCLA students will use 3-D printed instruments to teach elementary school children about the intersection of art and science. Read more...

Photo: Joey Meurer, a third-year mechanical engineering student, Sam Celentano, a third-year physics student, and Ryan Poon, a third-year mechanical engineering student (left to right) worked with UCLA’s chapter of the 3-D Printing For Everyone club to design 3D-printed ukuleles, which it plans to donate to underprivileged children. (Amy Dixon/Assistant Photo editor)

Film students take on challenge to capture moviegoing magic in 30 seconds

Dangling a camera from a crane in the middle of a movie theater is part of a normal day for UCLA Coca-Cola advertisers Jessie Lee and Golden Zhao. Read more...

Photo: Liang Zhao, Golden Zhao and Jessie Lee (left to right) worked together on a 30-second Coca-Cola commercial as part of the Coca-Cola and Regal Films student filmmakers contest. Their commercial focuses on the magical moment in a theater when a movie starts playing, Golden Zhao said. (Isra Ameen/Daily Bruin)