Tuesday, February 18

Emily Merz: Niche transit systems could lower LAX congestion, increase LA’s ridership

New York. Chicago. San Francisco. Philadelphia. Boston. The densest cities in the U.S. have one thing in common: They all have well-developed public transportation. Then there’s Los Angeles, the second-largest city by population, and perhaps the slowest moving part of southern California. Read more...

Photo: The Los Angeles City Council recently approved a transit project at LAX that will help improve public transportation. However, the council must recognize that this new project may include complications. (Creative Commons photo by Jeff Turner via Flickr)

GSA discretionary fund director receives blame for funding delays

Several Graduate Students Association groups are blaming the association’s fund director for delaying funding allocations to them. Graduate student interest groups, including the Black Graduate Student Association, Hispanic Latinx Graduate Students Association and the International Graduate Students Association, said they did not receive money for their events because their funding requests were not approved on time at last week’s GSA forum meeting. Read more...

Photo: Graduate student interest groups did not receive money for their events last quarter because the discretionary fund director did not approve funding requests on time. (Quanzhao “Ari” He/Daily Bruin)

Emily Merz: UC SHIP’s off-campus services are inaccessible, potentially expensive

With threats from the federal government to repeal millions of Americans’ health insurance, UCLA students with the UC Student Health Insurance Plan have a sense of security knowing it won’t be affected. Read more...

Photo: Calculating insurance costs for out-of-network health care facilities can be complicated for students. The Ashe Center could aid students with navigating these costs. (Daily Bruin file photo)