Saturday, January 18

Student-run artist collective CMMND to feature integrative art at EP release party

CMMND will sell basketball shorts, with five color options, in promotion of the artist collective’s first music record. The upcoming five-song EP features over a dozen musicians, many of whom are UCLA students. Read more...

Photo: The artist collective CMMND will release its five-song EP at its album release party, which will also feature merchandise for sale and a music visualizer. The group aims to focus on a variety of artistic endeavors. (Anirudh Keni/Daily Bruin)

Seven-member band TAXI to bring upbeat funk and jazzy improv to competition’s coda

Michael Penny went from playing Guitar Hero to owning his first electric guitar at 10 years old. Penny, a fourth-year classical civilization student, will perform his first ever gig at Spring Sing as a member of the funk, jazz and rock band TAXI. Read more...

Photo: TAXI plays a combination of funk, jazz and rock. Its Spring Sing performance of “Dancing on the Roof” will draw from old-school inspiration, including the Red Hot Chili Peppers and 1970s Fender Rhodes piano sounds. (Eli Countryman/Daily Bruin staff)

Concert review: Alec Benjamin lives up to his image with a satisfying amount of angst

Heartbreak, but then make it casual. Though Alec Benjamin is only 24 years old, many of the songs on his debut record deal with the loss of childhood innocence and his discovery of life’s less-than picturesque realities. Read more...

Photo: “Let Me Down Slowly” singer Alec Benjamin performed the penultimate show of his Outrunning Karma Tour at the El Rey Theatre on Thursday. (Ashley Kenney/Daily Bruin)

Live at Stagecoach 2019

Daily Bruin staffers are hitting the desert to cover Stagecoach 2019. Stay tuned for stories about your favorite artists and Bruins’ experiences. Read more...

Photo: (MacKenzie Coffman/Assistant Photo editor)

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