Saturday, May 30

Boulevard Bites: The Butcher’s Daughter’s healthy, versatile menu is a vegetarian delight

Finding a delicious restaurant in Los Angeles can be difficult among the city’s thousands of dining options. To help readers narrow down their search, the Daily Bruin will review restaurants located along main streets near UCLA each week. Read more...

Photo: At The Butcher’s Daughter on Abbot Kinney Boulevard, the Mixed Mushroom pizza balances the peppery taste of fresh arugula leaves with the meat-like texture of mushrooms and a firm layer of savory mozzarella. (Courtesy of Caitlin Carino)

Student duo shares original comedy sketches on YouTube channel

A talking omelet is the last thing one might expect to find in a video titled “Phone Sex” with glossy red lips as the thumbnail. In the video, which has been viewed about 35,000 times, two girls running a phone sex business shock their customer when they imagine themselves as an omelet and falafel as part of the role play. Read more...

Photo: Students Sydney Heller (left) and Olivia DeLaurentis (right) run their “Barely Legal Comedy” Youtube channel in addition to their studies at UCLA. In their popular video “Phone Sex,” the duo portrays imaginative phone sex operators. (Marley Maron/Daily Bruin)

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