Tuesday, May 26

A more organic take on ‘Phantom of the Opera’

The Phantom is back and playing a somewhat different tune, or at least organist Steven Ball will be. Read more...


Actors Lon Chaney and Mary Philbin play Erik the Phantom and Christine Daae, respectively, in the 1925 silent film, “Phantom of the Opera.” The vintage classic film will be featured at Royce Hall Saturday night at 8 p.m.

The origins of 'another one bites the dust'

Most people who hear the phrase "bite the dust" probably think of the Queen song "Another One Bites the Dust," but it has been around much longer than 1980.

So I asked a couple of people what the phrase meant, and while most gave a correct definition, they were unable to describe its origins.

"It's this huge kind of fail "“ you go down. In baseball, you strike out. They play it at Dodger games," said Ben Caplan, a second-year undeclared social sciences student.

The phrase still has a similar meaning even outside of the context of baseball.


Movie Review: “RED”

While Bruce Willis has never exactly been known for his high-class acting skills, he is back to kicking butt as usual in his role as former CIA agent Frank Moses in Robert Schwentke's film "Red," adapted from DC Comics. Read more...



Old Hollywood

Before Hollywood became the commercial movie-making empire of today, it was a small, close-knit community founded on the glamour of movies and stars that graced the silver screen. Read more...

A Majestic Revival

After nearly 70 years of entertainment, numerous changes of ownership and four different names, the Majestic Crest now stands as one of the few single-screen theaters left in Westwood. Read more...


The Majestic Crest Theatre, previously named the UCLAN Theatre, was founded in 1941 by Frances Seymour Fonda. Fonda built the venue to bring a live entertainment theater to Westwood.

Examining the evolution of the words 'rake' and 'fop'

Illustration by Monica Davila

As an English student, it is hard to ignore the parallels between literary life and reality, which makes for some very interesting conclusions. After learning about George Etherege's play "The Man of Mode," the concept of fops and rakes cycled through my mind.

In addition to serving as a pretty catchphrase for English 10B learning materials, fops and rakes are indeed a part of everyday life, despite their 17th-century origins. A fop can be defined as a vain man who has almost a foolish attentiveness to his wardrobe and general appearance, whereas a rake is a generally attractive man with promiscuous habits.
Upon realizing that the titles of “fop” and “rake” could be synonymous with current-day terms such as metrosexual and douche bag, my epiphany was complete. Clearly I have been studying English to have moments like this where it all makes sense.


UCLA alumna Christine Lakin stars in ‘Screwball: The Ted Whitfield Story’

'Screwball' film delivers sleaze

October 4, 2010 – “Screwball: The Ted Whitfield Story” opened Oct. 1 for online download and Video on Demand. It features UCLA alumna Christine Lakin as the wife of a powerhouse wiffleball player. "Screwball" sells itself as a laid-back mockumentary, but Radio Director Sarah Rogozen argues the film is mostly about men obsessed with getting laid. [2:28]

"'Screwball' film delivers sleaze"

UCLA alumna to trailer park trash "“ actress and former Bruin, Christine Lakin, takes it all on in her new role as Kiki Hamilton in the movie "Screwball: The Ted Whitfield Story." Read more...


UCLA alumna Christine Lakin as Kiki Hamilton in her upcoming film “Screwball: The Ted Whitfield Story,” a sports “mockumentary” about a Wiffle ball team.