Sunday, May 24

Clea Wurster: Student protests must outline clear purpose in order to be effective

“Violent” is the buzzword used to describe left-leaning protesters who speak out against President Donald Trump and those like him. On Wednesday, UC Berkeley protesters epitomized the failures of the student left’s response to the harmful rhetoric employed by conservatives. Read more...

Photo: Protests against conservative provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos turned violent Wednesday at UC Berkeley. The violence has since been blamed on outside groups. (Daniel Kim/The Daily Californian)

Student LGBTQ leaders to attend first community leadership retreat

Student leaders from the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community at UCLA will attend the first LGBTQ leadership retreat this weekend. The LGBT Campus Resource Center and the LGBTQ Leadership Council collaborated to organize the retreat, which will aim to connect students with similar interests and experiences, and increase their confidence in leadership roles. Read more...

Photo: The LGBTQ retreat being held this weekend aims to provide LGBTQ students with social opportunities, leadership skills and more confidence in their abilities. (Jintak Han/Assistant Photo editor)

Former ADPi house mother starts a new chapter after 25-year stint

Sisters from the Alpha Delta Pi sorority would take 81-year-old Joan Kaas out to party in celebration of birthdays and graduations. “They’d take me downtown to the Edison, which is a nightclub, to hear musicians that I wanted to hear,” she said. Read more...

Photo: Joan Kaas was a house mother at the UCLA chapter of Alpha Delta Pi from 1990 to 2016, where she oversaw the hiring of staff and maintenance of the property and mentored the sorority members. (Courtesy of Joan Lange Kaas)

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