Friday, April 10

The Decemberists to present “Here Come the Waves: The Hazards of Love Visualized” featuring imagery from five filmmakers

Something pretty special will be happening in Royce Hall on Monday evening, courtesy of indie rock darlings The Decemberists and five young filmmakers. Read more...

Photo: Santa Maria (Side 4, “Winter”) Hill: “It seemed like it would be better as a dream, a flowing, patterny, color thing, rather than a structured narrative thing.” Goodrich: “We tried to make it magical in a way, like a light show if you will. Literally.”

Horns, 33 cowbells, a squeegee and paint

A barrage of horns, a xylophone, a string base, organ pipes, a bass drum, 33 cowbells "“ and just one man to play them all. Read more...

Photo: Norton Wisdom’s painting “Mickey Rat” is one of several works to be featured at today’s Hammer Bash! event.