Sunday, February 23

Dance Break: ACA Hip Hop meant for experienced dancers, fun workout for beginners

Daily Bruin columnist Christi Carras’ limited dance background consists of bingeing episodes of “So You Think You Can Dance,” grapevining her way through high school show choir and stumbling through rehearsals at a day carelike dance studio until the age of 8. Read more...

Photo: Daily Bruin columnist Christi Carras attended ACA Hip Hop’s pre-audition workshop, which ACA advisor and instructor James Cebedo taught. Although Carras found the moves difficult to keep up with, she found herself feeling more confident by the end of the workshop. (Photo by Hannah Burnett/Assistant Photo editor, photo illustration by Michael Zshornack/Photo editor)

Alumni to produce, write film with New York Times bestselling author

This post was updated Sept. 23 at 12:18 p.m. Dave Pelzer’s first book happened to make The New York Times Best Sellers list on the day of his first-ever meeting with a Hollywood producer in 1997. Read more...

Photo: UCLA screenwriting alumni Tamlin Hall (left) and David Goldblum (right) are co-writing a film adaptation of Dave Pelzer’s New York Times best-selling novel “A Child Called ‘It.’” The film is set to shoot in 2018. (Daniel Leibowitz/Daily Bruin)

Alumna’s jewelry designs rooted in Korean folklore and tradition

Artist Aein Hope strolled through a South Korean street market in search of the perfect souvenir to commemorate her time studying abroad. The UCLA Korean studies and Asian humanities alumna hoped to find a shirt or bag featuring Hangeul, Korea’s written language. Read more...

Photo: Alumna Aein Hope designs jewelry and accessories inspired by Korean folklore and Hangeul characters. (Chelsea Zhang/Daily Bruin)

International film festival explores themes of cultural identity, individuality

An annual film festival founded by the International Student Film Association screened 19 films from 15 countries on campus Sunday. UCLA students, staff and alumni helped organize the second annual Los Angeles International Culture Film Festival, which screened 15 original submissions and four acquisitions of films first screened at other festivals. Read more...

Photo: UCLA students and professors viewed international films at the Los Angeles International Culture Film Festival on Sunday at UCLA. The films are about topics such as Marilyn Monroe, a telescope in Hawaii, a Tibetan buddhist monk and first-generation Australian-Lebanese boys. (Erin Rice/Daily Bruin)

Second Take: Celebrities’ anti-Trump protests reflect many Americans’ concerns

The next time your friend drags you to a concert you never wanted to attend, just be grateful you didn’t have to sit through Donald Trump’s presidential inauguration. Read more...

Photo: Sixteen-year-old Jackie Evancho from “America’s Got Talent” was one of the celebrity performances at President Trump’s inauguration. (Creative Commons photo by Joan Hall via Wikimedia Commons)

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