Monday, February 17

Boulevard Bites: The OP Cafe’s beachy bites make for a solid brunch

Finding a delicious restaurant in Los Angeles can be difficult amongst the city’s thousands of dining options. To help readers narrow down their search, the Daily Bruin will review restaurants located along main street boulevards near UCLA each week. Read more...

Photo: The OP Cafe’s daily special on Friday included coconut crusted french toast with chocolate chips and caramelized bananas. (Alyssa Dorn/Daily Bruin)

UCLA students create database for African-American silent films

Seven digital humanities students found 759 entertainment industry professionals involved in early silent race films and compiled them into a centralized database for the first time. Read more...

Photo: Graduate student Marika Cifor helped found a database website for African American silent race films from 1909 to 1930. The database includes relational data and is accessible to the public. (Stella Huang/Daily Bruin)

UCLA alumnus bitten by the edible insect trend bug

Sunlight gleamed over bottles of boutique wine, sharply contrasting the dark wood of the shelves. Throughout the wine room, customers sat on high stools around small tables chatting. Read more...

Photo: UCLA alumnus Michael Consbruck owns V Wine Room. The restaurant hosted an event Sunday called “Scary Delicious: Wine + Bug Pairing” that served wine and edible bugs to its customers, including chocolate-covered crickets. (Ken Shin/Daily Bruin)

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