Saturday, February 29

UCLA TFT alumni present social justice-themed short film festival

Five theater, film and television alumni are the moving parts responsible for setting a 25-person film festival into motion. Monica Quinn, Adam Fried, Samantha Bowling, Brandi Feemster and Rafaella Biscayn first met during the School of Theater, Film and Television’s 2015-2016 Professional Program in Acting for the Camera. Read more...

Photo: Brandi Feemster, Adam Fried, Rafaella Biscayn, Samantha Bowling, Giancarlo Fusi, Monica Quinn, Vidhatri Bandi and Jason Ryan Lovett (left to right) all participated in creating the Moving Parts Film Festival. All, the majority of which are UCLA alumni, themed their films and the festival around social justice issues. (Amy Dixon/Daily Bruin)

Album review: ‘Star Stuff’

Side projects by musicians are often hit-or-miss, musically exploring either too little or too much. Chaz Bundick is no stranger to this balance, since a majority of his recent musical activity stems from side projects. Read more...

Photo: (Company Records)

Alum, producer of ‘Vice World of Sports’ reinterprets rivalry in sports culture

Sports rivalries aren’t just another aspect of the game for Jeremy White. Rivalry has been his work – and his life – for almost a year. Read more...

Photo: UCLA alumnus Jeremy White is the series producer of VICELAND’s “VICE World of Sports,” whose second season debuted on Feb. 22 with three of the nine episodes released so far. The show documents stories of local and professional sports teams around the theme of rivals. (Courtesy of Michael Moriatis)

Second Take: Amy Adams deserved Best Actress Oscar nomination for ‘Arrival’

I’m not usually one to make preliminary bets on Oscar nominations. But this time around, I was confident I would hear Amy Adams’ name among the contenders for Best Actress in a Leading Role because of her stellar performance in the science fiction film “Arrival.” I saw the movie in 2016, and Adams’ performance stuck with me as one of the best aspects of the film. Read more...

Photo: Amy Adams has been nominated for an Academy Award five times in the past, but was not nominated this year for her performance as Dr. Louise Banks in the science fiction film “Arrival,” which is up for Best Picture. (Courtesy of Jan Thijs)

Alumnus to perform one-man play on Christianity and homosexuality

Tim Lewis was aware he had feelings for the same sex throughout his restrictively religious upbringing, but in order to hide that part of himself from others, he decided to attend a Christian college. Read more...

Photo: UCLA alumnus Tim Lewis is performing in a one-man play that is based around his experience as both a Christian and a gay man. The event will take place Thursday at the ENDPAIN event space. (Dayoung Lee/Daily Bruin)

UCLA music lecturer drums up Grammy-nominated jazz album

UCLA faculty, staff and alumni have contributed musical works that are nominated for the 59th annual Grammy Awards on Feb. 12. Their talents, ranging from playing the saxophone to composing songs to performing in an opera, have been recognized with nominations in five different categories. Read more...

Photo: Jazz lecturer Justo Almario played saxophone on composer John Beasley’s album, which is nominated for a Grammy for Best Large Jazz Ensemble Album. (Chengcheng Zhang/Daily Bruin)

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