Sunday, January 19

Favianna Rodriguez’s ‘Butterfly Effect’ to advocate for free, boundless art

Favianna Rodriguez originally created an artwork of monarch butterflies to advocate for freedom of migration back in 2012. Seven years later, her butterflies are the namesake for an on-campus panel discussion. Read more...

Photo: Favianna Rodriguez, a self-taught artist, said she believes art should include the voices of as many people as possible. As executive director of CultureStrike, she said she works to include migrant rights in the subject matter of various art forms. (Courtesy of Favianna Rodriguez)

Authors consider own backgrounds in portrayals of refugee and immigrant experiences

In the early 1990s, writer Viet Thanh Nguyen read a book about the Mexican-American border he found timely: “Across the Wire: Life and Hard Times on the Mexican Border,” by Luís Alberto Urrea. Read more...

Photo: Authors Viet Thanh Nguyen, a refugee from Vietnam, and Luís Alberto Urrea, an immigrant from Mexico, will discuss their writing and personal backgrounds in Royce Hall on Thursday. (Courtesy of BeBe Jacobs and Joe Mazza)

Tangibility of artist’s work helps to wake public to environmental issues

The Hillman Photography Initiative chose Andrea Polli for a project-based partnership, even though she is not a photographer. Polli, an artist and professor of art and ecology at the University of New Mexico, creates technology-based art pieces to bring attention to how people use and manifest energy. Read more...

Photo: Andrea Polli, who will lecture at the Art|Sci Center on Tuesday, creates projects that visualize environmental energy. Her project “Energy Flow” was a wind-powered light display on the Rachel Carson Bridge. The work’s light animations were based on the weather conditions in Pittsburgh. (Courtesy of Christopher Litherland)

Conference to shed light on experiences of African migrants in Italy

Organizers of a conference about migration issues in Italy ran into a potential problem: They were afraid one of the speakers would be denied entry by American border patrol agents for visiting Iran years prior. Read more...

Photo: The conference “Italy and the Geopolitics of Migration: Aesthetic Approaches” will feature screenings of documentaries and fictional films about migrant experiences in Italy. “Asmarina,” a documentary created by Medhin Paolos, is one of the films being screened. (Courtesy of Shelleen Greene)

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