Tuesday, May 26

arTistic Attention: TA Alessandra Williams brings dance experience to teaching

World arts and culture/dance professor David Delgado Shorter said that throughout his time as an adviser, he's often encountered graduate students who aren't firm with their goals and expectations – he never had that problem with Alessandra Williams. Read more...

Photo: Before becoming a teaching assistant, world arts and culture/dance graduate student Alessandra Williams was a dancer at the Ananya Dance Theater where she danced to choreography that is rooted in Indian aesthetic forms. (Aubrey Yeo/Daily Bruin senior staff)

Fashion Forward: Boho-chic ensembles rock Coachella, campus styles

The fashion industry is one that constantly evolves and pushes different boundaries. On the personal level, the world of fashion is also open to interpretation, giving individuals a chance to reflect their personal style. Read more...

Photo: When sporting simple and versatile pieces of clothing, fourth-year linguistics and psychology student Kelly Kohler wears statement pieces like her boho-chic inspired black wide-brimmed hat. (Aubrey Yeo/Daily Bruin senior staff)

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