Sunday, May 24

Sand volleyball to enter LMU rematch with new facility, fresh lineup

UCLA and Loyola Marymount University have already squared off on sand volleyball courts earlier this season, but enough has changed in three weeks to make this second meeting of the season seem like an all-new matchup. Read more...

Photo: The rematch between UCLA and Loyola Marymount University will be played at the Sunset Canyon Recreation Center, where junior Kamila Tan and the Bruins are more accustomed to the deeper sands and courts shielded from the wind. (Aubrey Yeo/Daily Bruin senior staff)

UCLA grad student wins record single-game earnings on ‘Jeopardy’

What is “The Godfather”? On one hand, it’s the 1972 best picture Oscar winner that Rodney Dangerfield credits for inspiring his most famous line. On the other hand, it’s what UCLA graduate student Michael Bilow said to rake in $57,198 and grab a No. 3 spot on the list of all-time "Jeopardy!" highest one-day totals. Read more...

Photo: On Tuesday, UCLA graduate student Michael Bilow appeared on “Jeopardy!” and earned $57,198, contributing to his total winnings of $96,000 over the course of three episodes. (Aubrey Yeo/Daily Bruin senior staff)

Bruin grows business of handmade hair care products

When the average hair care product wasn’t able to provide the desired shine and texture in her hair, Marika Straughter made the decision three years ago to take matters into her own hands. Read more...

Photo: Urban education graduate student Marika Straughter began making her own hair care products three years ago and recently launched her own company, EbonyCoilyGal. Straughter is currently working on expanding her company’s marketing presence and sales. (Aubrey Yeo/Daily Bruin senior staff)

New doubles pairings show promise with victory against St. Mary’s

It was a different experience for junior Kamila Tan as she stood across from her St. Mary’s College opponents. It wasn’t just because it was the inaugural meet at UCLA sand volleyball’s Sunset Canyon Recreation Center facility. Read more...

Photo: Junior Kamila Tan (left) and senior Zoë Nightingale (right) played their first game as a doubles pair in a 2-1 defeat over their St. Mary’s College opponents. (Aubrey Yeo/Daily Bruin senior staff)

Unsung Heroes: Captain Marvel rises as feminist superhero through modern updates

Marvel Comics has seen an increase in mainstream popularity with the recent release of several box office hits, such as “The Avengers.” Since its inception in 1939, the comic book company has created thousands of characters. Read more...

Photo: Carol Danvers first debuted as Ms. Marvel in the 1960s, before being updated as Captain Marvel in 2012. As a member of the Avengers, Danvers has emerged as a feminist superhero. (Marvel Comics)

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