Wednesday, February 26

Aram Ghoogasian: UC must do more to protect students from discrimination

The University of California Board of Regents’ attempt to condemn bigotry was as ill-conceived as it was mismanaged. Myriad media outlets published columns criticizing the Final Report of the Regents Working Group on Principles Against Intolerance, which claimed anti-Zionism is a form of discrimination that has “no place at the University of California,” resulting in a well-deserved public relations fiasco. Read more...

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Throwback Thursday, Week 8: An assassination in Westwood

An assassination took place in Westwood in 1982, but most students have probably never heard of it. Unless you’re Armenian, it’s unlikely that you know the names Hampig “Harry” Sassounian and Krikor “Koko” Saliba or the fact that they were involved in the assassination of Kemal Arikan, the Turkish consul general in Los Angeles, just a stone’s throw away from campus. Read more...

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No Offense, But: Activism

Many progressive Jewish activists feel alienated from progressive activist groups because of their pro-Israel views. Opinion columnists Aram Ghoogasian and Shani Shahmoon discuss whether the issue should actually be a major ideological difference and whether progressive Jews can hope to move past it. Read more...

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Aram Ghoogasian: UC lecturer contract negotiations need immediate attention

The University of California is laboring to find a solution to one of its most pressing issues. Murmurs of a work stoppage loomed large as renewed negotiations between the UC and the University Council-American Federation of Teachers, or UC-AFT, the union that represents all of the University’s lecturers and librarians, began last week after the latter declined to extend its contract for the third time last month. Read more...

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Aram Ghoogasian: UC’s divestment from private prisons will increase awareness of issue

Christmas came early for student activists last month after the University of California divested from private prisons. The UC quietly sold off its $25 million holdings in the Corrections Corporation of America and GEO Group, Inc., the two biggest for-profit prison companies in the United States, and G4S, the largest security company in the world on Dec. Read more...

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