Tuesday, May 26

Veteran draws on personal experience in teaching, gay rights research

As he paced in front of a class of about two dozen students, William “Ajax” Peris appeared assured and calm. He displayed the same confident demeanor that helped him succeed at testing heat-seeking missiles and monitoring no-fly zones in Iraq throughout the 1990s, after the first Gulf War. Read more...

Photo: William Peris, 44, is a U.S. Air Force veteran and a teaching assistant at UCLA.

UCLA students protest to draw attention to Armenian Genocide

Their mouths covered with bands of bright orange tape, about 15 students stood in a straight line in front of Kerckhoff Hall on Thursday to protest and educate students about the Armenian Genocide. Read more...

Photo: Students in the Armenian Students’ Association at UCLA participated in a silent protest on Bruin Walk Thursday to protest denial of the Armenian Genocide by some countries.

Hunger Project at UCLA provides free SAT prep to LA students

From his family’s one-bedroom apartment in West Los Angeles, Stiven Pesjaka treks to UCLA alone on Saturday mornings for free SAT tutoring. The high school junior wants a high test score so he can get into the college of his choice and achieve his goal of becoming a mechanical engineer. Read more...

Photo: High school students practice SAT tests every Saturday as a part of the Hunger Project’s free SAT workshop program at UCLA.

Panel opens discussion on Jewish community issues

Amid recent controversial events that have affected the Jewish community, prominent Jewish scholars and leaders convened at UCLA on Sunday to discuss how these issues would affect college students across the country. Read more...

Photo: Eric Fingerhut, president and CEO of Hillel, was one of the panelists in a discussion about issues that affect Jewish students on college campuses, called “Sharing a Vision for the Future of Jewish Life on Campus and Beyond.”

Passionate filmmaker and devoted friend, David Pregerson, dies at 23

David Pregerson, with his sense of humor and welcoming nature, had the ability to light up a room. “When you got to know him, you saw that he (had) a big heart,” said Elliot Schwartz, a UCLA alumnus and a close friend of Pregerson’s. Read more...

Photo: David Pregerson was a UCLA alumnus and filmmaker, known for his sense of humor, selflessness and loyalty to his friends and family.

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