Sunday, May 31

A look at the variety of concert venues LA has to offer

The Fonda Theatre: The heavy sound of music bounces off the mural-covered walls of The Fonda Theatre. Walking to the venue, the stars of the Hollywood Walk of Fame cover the ground. Read more...

Photo: With its mural-covered walls and dim chandelier lighting, The Fonda Theatre is the perfect place to watch a show in an intimate setting. The venue is close to campus and offers numerous performances from obscure artists at a price point cheaper than typical arena shows. (Jintak Han/Daily Bruin senior staff)

Student attributes success in ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ to hard work, drive

The third time was the charm for Lorenzo Rangel-Santos’ “So You Think You Can Dance” audition. The fourth-year dance student is currently competing on season 16 of the TV dance competition where he has advanced to the academy round in the show’s most recent episode. Read more...

Photo: Lorenzo Rangel-Santos auditioned for “So You Think You Can Dance” three times before making it to the academy round of the current season. Practicing ballet and modern styles, he said, increased his flexibility which helped prepare him for free styling portions of the show and helped to keep his dance moves from looking too stiff, which he had received critiques on in the past, he said. (Anirudh Keni/Daily Bruin)

BUTR channels longtime bonds into cathartic song about coping with college stress

Plenty of students discuss the stresses of college life in the comfort of their dorm rooms. But BUTR will bring their concerns to the Pauley Pavilion stage for the annual Spring Sing competition. Read more...

Photo: Eight-person band BUTR will perform “Yesterday” on the Pauley Pavilion stage, aiming to discuss the stresses of college life. Lead singer Jada Banks-Mace (far left), a fourth-year psychology student, said the group’s style is alternative R&B with jazz roots. (Kanishka Mehra/Daily Bruin)