Wednesday, May 27

Alumna’s crochet business creates custom orders, pop culture-based designs

Anyone can be Thanos with a little help from Taingled, a crochet shop. Playing off Disney’s “Tangled,” alumna Melanie Taing’s crafting brand began as a way to fund graduate school. Read more...

Photo: Alumna Melanie Taing founded her crochet brand Taingled to fund her graduate schooling. She said she makes Disney and “nerd culture” based projects such as crocheted Infinity Gauntlet gloves and “Avatar: The Last Air Bender” blankets. (Courtesy of Melanie Taing)

Album review: ‘FANDOM’ creates diverse sounds to show true nature of rising fame

Waterparks – self proclaimed as “God’s favorite boyband” – is back again with an explosive new release. Following a record label switch and the purposeful deletion of its nearly released album “Friendly Reminder,” Waterparks has arrived at its newest sonically variant and lyrically groundbreaking destination with “FANDOM.” Each track is connected by tactfully smooth transitions that come together to create an album that tells the harrowing story of a band rising to stardom. Read more...

Photo: (Courtesy of Hopeless Records)

Q&A: Waterparks’ Awsten Knight talks visual and musical conception behind latest album

This post was updated Oct. 12 at 10:41 p.m. Waterparks is fading from deep purple to sour green with the release of “FANDOM.” With a transition into a new album color scheme, “FANDOM,” which dropped Friday, explores everything from qualms with a past record label to the weight of having an intense online following. Read more...

Photo: Awsten Knight, lead singer of Waterparks, said color and imagery is just as important as music when it comes to an album release. His synesthesia connects sounds and songs with colors, which helps him design each release, he said. (Ashley Kenney/Daily Bruin)

Hangover recipe cookbook offers dishes as cures, hydration remains key

Cheese toast might just be the cure for the next pounding hangover. After researching hangover cures from around the world, food writer Lauren Shockey released her latest cookbook, “Hangover Helper.” In the new release, Shockey said she explores foods that are starchy and hearty, which can help people work toward recovering after a long night of drinking. Read more...

Photo: Lauren Shockey’s “Hangover Helper” cookbook takes her research of hangover foods from around the world – from Canadian poutine to Chinese creole beef noodle soup – and sums it up in 50 recipes. The starchy and hearty recipes, she said, help beat the nausea and headaches that follow a night of drinking. (Kanishka Mehra/Assistant Photo editor)

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