Saturday, February 22

Actor Topher Grace to introduce CEC sneak screening of “˜Take Me Home Tonight’

At 20, Topher Grace dropped out of USC to star on the hit TV show "That '70s Show." During that time he also pursued a movie career, starring in both "Win a Date with Tad Hamilton!" and "In Good Company" in 2004. Read more...


Topher Grace will present his new ’80s-themed movie, “Take Me Home Tonight,” at a free CEC sneak screening tonight in Ackerman Grand Ballroom.

Consider all the factors when deciding how many people to go with to Coachella

So you've found warm shelter for your three-day trip to Coachella. What's next? Now you must consider who is included in your band for traveling and camping. You may have already thought about this when you were picking where to stay, but a few more people may want to tag along.

It is important to consider the number of people going with you because of gas, food, the amount of space in your car and whether or not you can survive a long car ride with them.

One pro of having more than two people in your group is that you can split expenses like food and gas. On the other hand, you may not all want to see the same performers, so you might end up alone at times.

If you're worried about making space in your camping spot, you'll need to factor in the number of people, tents that will fit everyone and the size of your car. All of these items must fit within the designated 10-by-30 feet.

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Decide early on places to stay during the Coachella music festival

Money was spent, tears were shed and anxiety was increased, but in the end, Coachella tickets were purchased. Now what? This is a question many first-time Coachellans like myself have.

One main concern is where to stay during the music festival. The first suitable option is car camping at Coachella. In order to do this you must have purchased a car camping pass on Ticketmaster. Car camping consist of a designated parking area that is 10 feet by 30 feet. The spot is big enough to fit your compact car and however many tents and people you can squeeze in.

If you are like me and couldn't get a car camping pass because of the high purchasing rate from scalpers, then you must look elsewhere for shelter.


2011 Coachella lineup trumps last year's performers

A three-day concert full of people who may have not showered for days sounds weird, but when an amazing lineup is put together, people are willing to sacrifice hygiene for great music.

The lineup for the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, which runs April 15-17, was revealed yesterday and the Facebook statuses flooded out within minutes. Some of the headliners are Kings of Leon, Arcade Fire and Kanye West. Other artists such as Cold War Kids, Lauryn Hill, Damian Marley and Wiz Khalifa will be making an appearance as well. I almost passed out when I saw these people names’ on the computer screen.

There are different opinions about whether the performers from this year are better than the ones in 2010.


World music: China

Compressing thousands of years of musical tradition into one class can be difficult, but the director of the Music of China Ensemble, Chi Li, has been doing it for 14 years. Read more...