Sunday, February 23

Judicial board rules against petition to disqualify Bruins United slate

The undergraduate student government judicial board ruled in favor of the election board after receiving a petition asking it to disqualify the Bruins United slate. The judicial board voted unanimously that the election board did not violate code when sanctioning the slate for multiple violations. Read more...

Photo: The USAC Judicial Board held hearings Thursday night to determine whether the election board violated election code in this year’s undergraduate student government elections. (Kristie-Valerie Hoang/Daily Bruin)

Judicial board hears case for potential Bruins United disqualification

The Undergraduate Students Association Council Judicial Board conducted hearings Thursday on a petition that aims to disqualify the entire Bruins United slate, the board’s first case of the year. Read more...

Photo: The USAC Judicial Board held a hearing Thursday evening for a petition it accepted the same day. The petitioners asked the board to disqualify all nine Bruins United candidates. (Kristie Hoang/Daily Bruin)

Students protest at USAC meeting, denounce actions of president

Students filled Kerckhoff 417 on Tuesday night, chanting “Black Bruins matter!” and “Shame!” at the weekly undergraduate student government meeting. Dozens of students addressed Danny Siegel, the Undergraduate Students Association Council president, about a recently leaked photo of him making the hand sign of the Bloods, a primarily African American gang. Read more...

Photo: Students condemned the actions of USAC president Danny Siegel, who held up a gang sign in a photo last year, at Tuesday’s council meeting. (Jintak Han/Assistant Photo editor)

Students respond to leaked photo of USAC president making gang symbol

Students expressed concern and outrage over a photograph of the undergraduate student government president that began circulating Sunday on social media. In the photo, Danny Siegel, the Undergraduate Students Association Council president, posed with the hand sign of a primarily African American street gang called the Bloods. Read more...

Photo: A photograph of Danny Siegel, the president of the Undergraduate Students Association Council, displaying a gang symbol began circulating online Sunday. (Jintak Han/Assistant Photo editor)

Residents evacuate after sprinkler causes flood in De Neve Holly

De Neve Holly flooded Saturday morning because a sprinkler on the ninth floor activated. Students evacuated the building at about 9:50 a.m. after the ninth floor started flooding. Read more...

Photo: Students evacuated De Neve Holly on Saturday morning after a sprinkler on the ninth floor flooded several floors. (April Hoang/Daily Bruin senior staff)

GSA election sees 3.5 percent decrease in voter turnout

About 9 percent of eligible graduate students voted in this year’s uncontested Graduate Students Association election, down 3.5 percent from last year. Elections commissioner Anne Blackstock-Bernstein said 1,077 graduate students voted out of a possible 11,834. Read more...

Photo: This year’s Graduate Students Association candidates ran unopposed and only needed one vote each to secure their positions. The voter turnout was 9.1 percent, higher than the 2015 election when one seat was contested. (Jintak Han/Assistant Photo editor)

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