Saturday, March 28

Nurses protest for new contract, better working conditions

Registered nurses protested Thursday in front of the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center over a contract dispute with the University of California and called for improved working conditions. Read more...

Photo: California Nurses Association/National Nurses United organized eight protests throughout the UC system, over contract disputes. (Dayoung Lee/Daily Bruin)

Former U.S. ambassador, alum discusses relations with Argentina

A former American ambassador to Argentina said the new Argentinian government has strengthened bilateral relations with the United States during an event Tuesday. Noah Mamet, a U.S. Read more...

Photo: Noah Mamet, a former US ambassador to Argentina, under the Obama administration who graduated from UCLA in 1992, said he focused on getting American businesses to invest in the country during his term. (Courtesy of Kevin Krieger)

UCLA scholars criticize FCC’s proposal to repeal net neutrality rules

Computer science experts said UCLA students may experience an increase in internet costs if a government agency votes to repeal net neutrality rules next month. Ajit Pai, the chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, proposed a plan last week to lessen government control over the internet by removing the commission’s net neutrality rules. Read more...

Photo: Leonard Kleinrock, a distinguished professor in computer science at UCLA and one of the creators of the Internet, said he thinks net neutrality is fundamental to keeping the internet open and accessible to everyone. (Sharon Zhen/Daily Bruin)

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