Tuesday, October 15

2017-2018 USAC Officer Evaluations

Each year, the Daily Bruin evaluates each Undergraduate Students Association Council member’s term in office. This year, The Bruin’s editorial board has taken into consideration four major criteria in the evaluations: council members’ ability to come up with and accomplish meaningful platforms, how well they fulfilled their respective roles beyond their platforms, how well they engaged students typically disengaged with USAC and their commitment to transparency and accountability. For each factor, the board voted to assign council members a score from one to five, with five being the highest possible score.

  • Platform: We took into consideration the potential benefit, thoughtfulness and feasibility of each council member’s goals. Based on interviews with the council members and Daily Bruin reporting, we then evaluated how well the officers completed or are projected to complete their campaign promises at the time of publishing.
  • Fulfillment of responsibilities: We evaluated how council members fulfilled the responsibilities and expectations of their offices according to the USAC bylaws, beyond just their platforms.
  • Engagement: We evaluated how committed council members were to bringing disengaged students into the fold and making their offices, if not USAC, relevant to those students.
  • Transparency: As elected officials, accountability is important. We evaluated each council member in this category based on their accessibility and transparency to both The Bruin and the student body.

Click on the photos below to see each officer's evaluation.