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Westwood to boast Heavenly Couture outlet and Panera Bread, among others

The original version of this article contained multiple mistakes. Heavenly Couture is offering a $10 discount, not 20 percent, and offers clothing for less than $17.99, not $16.99. Westwood store will be the chain's 15th, not 19th, location for Cava Mezzo Grill. Frostalicious will not open on Chilly Ribbons' old location on Westwood Boulevard near Lindbrook Avenue, but on Weyburn Avenue next to Koala T.

A clothing store and a restaurant opened in Westwood Village last week, and several others are scheduled to open in the coming months.

Heavenly Couture

Heavenly Couture, a women’s discount clothing store that offers items for less than $17.99, opened Thursday on Broxton Avenue at Kaitlyn’s old location.

Justin Ha, chief executive officer of Heavenly Couture, said he thought students needed more affordable yet fashionable clothing in the Westside.

“Students shouldn’t have to pay hundreds of dollars to dress up for Greek parties and nightclubs,” Ha said.

Ha said he waited three to four years for a location on Broxton Avenue to open up because he thinks the street has the most foot traffic in the Village. He added he thinks students and hospital workers have welcomed the store, and customers can expect markdowns as new inventory arrives.

The new Westwood location will be the chain’s 32nd storefront. Heavenly Couture also has locations in Santa Monica and Brentwood.

Michelle Peterson, a shopper at Heavenly Couture, said she liked the prices and thought the clothes were cute. Peterson added she didn’t buy anything at the time, but would consider shopping at Heavenly Couture again.

Heavenly Couture is currently offering UCLA students a $10 discount for purchases more than $50 until March 13.

Panera Bread opened in Westwood Village last Friday, after a three-year dispute with Steve Sann, chair of the Westwood Community Council. (Kristen Payne/Daily Bruin)

Panera Bread

Panera Bread arrived in the Village last Friday, after a three-year dispute with Steve Sann, chair of the Westwood Community Council. Sann said he filed an appeal because the business site was reserved for full-service, sit-down restaurants. He added Panera Bread is considered a fast-food restaurant because customers pay for their meals before taking a seat.

Panera’s assistant manager Alondra Reyes said fulfilling requirements put forth by the Los Angeles County delayed the opening. The Westwood branch also failed to meet fire and gas codes, and experienced problems creating a grease duct because of upstairs classrooms.

Reyes said Panera Bread decided to open a location in Westwood to offer a study area with access to Wi-Fi in an active part of the Village.

Susan Im, who works in Westwood, said she heard about the problems associated with opening the Panera Bread but is happy it is finally open. She added she thought that Panera Bread would be a good place to study because it is quiet.

“I’m going to start going (to Panera Bread) every day,” Im said.

Coming soon

Frostalicious, which offers self-serve Taiwanese-inspired shaved ice, will open in March on Weyburn Avenue next to Koala T Cafe, said its owner and founder Ellen Liao. Customers can choose from shaved ice flavors such as strawberry buttermilk and cucumber milk, and toppings such as grass jelly and Girl Scout Cookies.

Cava Mezze Grill, a create-your-own Mediterranean fast-food restaurant, will open in Westwood later this year, said Cava brand strategist Nikki Rappaport. The East Coast-based store offers customers a choice of pita, grain bowl or salads topped with a variety of spreads and proteins. The Westwood store will be the chain’s 15th location.

Topa Management also announced in November Sur La Table, a high-end kitchenware store, and KazuNori, a hand-rolled sushi restaurant, will open in the spring.

A Chinese dumpling restaurant Northern Cafe and sushi restaurant Nushii will also open this year, according to the Westwood Improvement Village Association’s January newsletter.

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