Whether playing volleyball or doing martial arts, injuries are a painful, though inevitable, part of the sport. But not all injuries affect athletes the same way. Some are season-ending, or can be improved through physical therapy. Others affect more women than men and need complex surgical repair. Nevertheless, the best defense against such injuries is a bit of sports medicine.

*Stretching limbs to the limit* _Giving sports injuries a rest can help athletes keep an edge in competition in the long run._ Stefan Wojciechowski was practicing Wushu, a Chinese martial art, in China last year when he made a mistake and accidentally struck himself with his meteor hammer... [Read more]

*Trainers and athletes build relationships for rehabilitation* _Trainers help injured athletes through the emotionally and physically demanding ordeal of rehabilitation._ [Read more]

*Woman athletes more prone to ACL injuries* Lauren Carr, a member of UCLA’s club soccer team, was playing in her first game of the season when she felt her left knee pop. [Read more]

*Internship offered in sports medicine* _Program entails firsthand experience in treating UCLA athlete injuries, preparation for medical field._ [Read more]