UCLA didn't get to 106 championships just by luck.

These athletes have spent countless hours perfecting their skills in the game.

Join these NCAA athletes as they break down the basics and share their secrets to success.

*How-to: Shooting a free throw with Doreena Campbell*

Womens basketball's best free throw shooter Doreena Campbell shares her secrets for making the basket every time

*How-to: Cartwheeling with Aisha Gerber*

Aisha Gerber of the NCAA Champion Gymnastics team breaks down how to do a cartwheel like a winner.

*How-to: Hurdling with R.J. Frasier*

Freshman track and field member R.J. Frasier showcases how to jump over any hurdle with ease.

*How-to: Hitting a forehand with Daniel Kosakowski*

Freshman tennis player Daniel Kosakowski demonstrates how to hit a forehand like the pros

*How-to: Hitting a bunker shot with Alex Kim and Jason Sigler*

Junior golfer Alex Kim and assistant coach Jason Sigler demonstrate how to hit a golf ball out of a sand trap.