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Daily Bruin Classified Ads

Daily Bruin classifieds are the best way to find qualified applicants for your job openings or rental vacancies. Your classified ad appears every day in the Daily Bruin and online and weekly in the Corsair, the campus newspaper at nearby Santa Monica City College.

Deadline for placing an ad is 12 noon, one business day before publication. Payment must be received before deadline. In order to receive the flat rate, the ad must be 20 words or fewer. Anything with a space before and after is counted as one word. We reserve the right to edit ads.

You can also order over the phone by calling 310-825-2221.

UCLA researchers seek Caucasian and Non-Hispanic women; 18-35 years old; not using hormones; BMI 18.5-25. Subjects can be normal controls (regular periods) or have 1) a PCOS diagnosis or 2) irregular menstrual periods <21 or > 35 days apart) with excessive body hair on lip, chin, chest, and/or abdomen. Participants receive free extensive medical testing. Controls may earn up to $300; non-controls up to $840. 310-825-7301 OR To protect your privacy, please do not include personal health information in emails.