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  • Research Study on Education Participants will watch a single lesson, engage in a short discussion, and complete a final assessment and survey of satisfaction. Compensation is $30 for a time commitment of up to 90 minutes. To participate you must be a current UCLA undergraduate student and available on November 7th between 3:00 and 6:00pm To register visit http://goo.gl/3F7n6W For questions contact george.ingersoll@anderson.ucla.edu

    Spending more time and money smoking pot than you would like? The UCLA Outpatient Clinical Research Center is looking for marijuana dependent volunteers, age 18 to 50, who would like to stop or reduce their marijuana use, and are interested in receiving up to 12 weeks of no-cost intervention including medication. Compensation for your participation is provided. For more information call the UCLA Outpatient Clinical Research Center at (310) 267-5020.

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