Monday, November 19

Trivial Pursuits Tuesday: Waiting in the cold for late-night De Neve

(Juliette Le Saint/Daily Bruin)

(Juliette Le Saint/Daily Bruin)

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In this week’s Trivial Pursuits, blogging contributors Yixuan Jiang and Sravya Jaladanki look into the issue of how students are required to wait outside in cold weather for late-night De Neve.

No Offense, But: UCLA Bathrooms and Marijuana

This week on No Offense, Opinion editor Chris Campbell, assistant Opinion editor Keshav Tadimeti and columnists Chris Busco and Abhishek Shetty cause a stir when they discuss the state of UCLA’s most heavily-trafficked bathrooms, and what UCLA Facilities can do to make them a little more tenable. More »

Set Six: Episode 5

In this week’s episode of Set Six, UCLA men’s volleyball loses two games in a row for the first time this year at BYU. Listen as we break down the game and everything that has been happening with your Bruins. More »

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