Monday, January 16

Student Football Managers: The Unsung Workers of UCLA Football

(Courtesy of Jesus Ramirez)

(Courtesy of Jesus Ramirez)


Student football manager Gus Hendrick finds 8 a.m. classes a breeze. In fact, he has usually been awake and running for four hours. Hendrick describes a day in his life as head student manager, from the long hours of loading and unloading equipment to the balancing act involved when it comes to away games and midterms.

Out of System: Episode III

Assistant coach Tony Ker is the NCAA’s all-time leader in digscq link 1, but how is he at pingpong? This week on Out of System, Daily Bruin’s women’s volleyball beat writers sit down with Parsa Rezvani – a team manager – to talk about the Bruins’ new formation, upcoming scouring reports and a postgame pingpong tournament. More »

Out of System: Episode II

Coach Michael Sealy changed things up last weekend, throwing redshirt senior Haley Lawless in at opposite against Utah and Colorado. This week on Out of System, volleyball beat writers Kelsey Angus, David Gottlieb and Melissa Zhang recap last week’s games, take a look ahead to this weekend and discuss Sealy’s new usage of Lawless. More »

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