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The Daily Bruin traveled to the Yucatán coast of Mexico to report on a UCLA nurse's efforts to improve the safety of fishermen who constantly undergo dangerous dives for lobster. More »


With late-night studying and overpacked schedules, caffeine has become the college student’s best friend in keeping up with daily life. With the numerous options available at UCLA’s cafes, it’s hard to understand what’s what, let alone decide on what you want. Figure out your Caffeine Fix. More »


Offal is an unfortunately terrible word – obligatory offal/awful pun aside – that refers to the internal organs of butchered animals. Basically, it’s anything that is technically edible on an animal that isn’t a standard cut of meat. More »


Summer Brew

With the temperature warming up as this quarter comes to an end, take advantage of the sun’s natural rays to make “sun tea” – a refreshing and easy-to-make summer beverage. More »

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