Tuesday, October 15

Stop attacking Arizona law

The ire over Arizona's new immigration law is mystifying for two reasons. In the first place, the law merely intends to execute what has already been called for by 50 years of federal law, seconded by the dictates of common sense: illegalize the illegal immigrants. Read more...


Schools in the market for grads

It's graduation season: a time when departing students reminisce about their years of undie running, exam cramming and days of waking up not remembering what happened the night before. And, oh yes, they ponder the question of finding a job after graduation. But in this economy, perhaps it's a more difficult question to answer than before. Read more...


Flawed interpretation of Koran results in overreactions to “˜Everybody Draw Mohammed Day’

Images can become idols. Stare too long at Justin Bieber's venerable mug and you might forget the real boy behind Usher's experiment. Look at a picture of God, and the image might take God's place. And since the human hand cannot possibly portray the divine, it will be a poor copy. Ask to see God, and you'll be shown Santa Claus with Christmas-red swapped for a toga. Read more...

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